Image It Corporation is deeply focused in providing the most cutting edge and professional document imaging service to financial, Insurance, and other professional institutions. We customize our imaging services to meet your filing and research needs; resulting in a seamless implementation for you, you're employees, and your valued clients. We believe our approach puts forth a complete plan to help you save time, money, and greatly reduces the liability to your company.

Disaster recovery is an overwhelming concern for any business. Digital scanning of your files offers an additional level of protection for you, your employees, and clients. Could your business survive a catastrophic loss of paper-based information assets? How much productivity do you lose regularly because information is misplaced or inaccessible? Could your business be more effective and more profitable if you could locate any file in seconds? Or are your company's cost too high due to external storage fees and the labor and down time involved with outdated file retrieval methods?

As a result of using our products and services, you can be rest assured that your business will have the productivity to keep your office ahead of the curve and above all the peace of mind of having your data available when, where, and how you need it.

Full internet access
E-mail, Print, Download, PDF or Fax your documents from our search engine
CD, DVD & Hard Drive backup delivery
Individual client CD's
Full pickup services included
Storage of your physical documents
Securely access your files when, where & how you need them
Retrieve your documents in seconds, not hours or days
Provides a "Disaster Recovery Solution" for your company
Elimination of external storage cost
Imaging offers an additional level of protection for you, your employees and your clients
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